Red Paisley Kurta

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Please provide measurements as this is a Customised Product


1. Handmade with soft & rayon-cotton blend
2. Traditional design & vibrant colours
3. Hassle free wear with front velcro closure
4. High-tummy cut for easy pee-breaks
5. Custom size available on request

Red Paisley Kurta

Our Red Paisley Kurta is a vivid and stylish addition to your pet’s attire, perfectly suited for festive occasions. Its bright red base, adorned with intricate black paisley illustrations, exudes an aura of celebration and sophistication. This kurta ensures your pet stands out during special moments.

Ease of wear is a priority with the convenient front Velcro closure, eliminating any hassle associated with buttons or zippers. The kurta’s design offers both comfort and style, featuring half sleeves and a classic band neck. This allows your pet to move gracefully while radiating an air of charm and grace.


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