Cobalt Nehru Jacket

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1. Handcrafted using premium satin finish fabric 2.Sleeveless design for a extra comfortable fit
3 Hassle free wear with front velcro closure
4 High-tummy cut for easy pee-breaks
5 Custom the nehru jacket in any colour combination (on request)

Cobalt Nehru Jacket

Introducing our Cobalt Nehru Jacket, a delightful blend of cultural charm and contemporary style for both dogs and cats. This meticulously crafted ethnic jacket is designed with your convenience in mind, featuring a front Velcro closure for quick and secure dressing, eliminating the hassle of buttons or zippers. The intricate back detailing provides a formal look on the beautifully contrasting blue and pink traditional jacket. The Cobalt Nehru Jacket transcends mere pet attire; it’s an embodiment of timeless heritage and contemporary fashion, designed to make your pet not only look good but feel good too. Order now and let your pet make a fashionable statement, all while enjoying the comfort they deserve, be it in traditional style or with a modern twist.


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