Kerala Gold Cut Sleeve Shirt

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1. Gold textured fabric for traditional look
2. Sleeveless design for a extra comfortable fit
3 Hassle free wear with front velcro closure
4 High-tummy cut for easy pee-breaks
5 Custom size available on request

Kerala Gold Cut Sleeve Shirt

A Kerala saari inspired look for your furry friends with guaranteed around the year comfort in this Karela Gold Cut Sleeve Shirt. Featuring a solid gold finish collar to make the wow factor more prominent! Designed to fit both dogs and cats, this versatile shirt ensures a perfect fit for pets of all sizes. The convenience of a front Velcro closure makes dressing your furry friend a breeze, eliminating any hassle associated with buttons or zippers. All our shirts are handmade using premium rayon-cotton blends making it breathable and comfortable for your pampered pets


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