Red Blue Plaid Tuxedo Bandana & Coat set

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Please provide measurements as this is a Customised Product


1. Select size based on chest measurement
2. Handmade with soft rayon-cotton blend
3. Playful design & vibrant colours
4. Separate Tuxedo Bandana which can also be used by itself
5. Adjustable Velcro closure

Red Blue Plaid Tuxedo Bandana & Coat set

Introducing our Red Blue Plaid Tuxedo Bandana & Coat Set, a classic look with a modern twist. This ensemble boasts a traditional plaid print, expertly crafted on a pristine white canvas, where bold red and blue lines intersect to create a striking and fashionable statement. The coat is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, featuring an adjustable chest belt for a secure and tailored fit. The matching bandana is no less impressive, detailed to perfection with meticulous craftsmanship. What makes this set truly versatile is that the dog Tuxedo bandana can be worn independently, ensuring your pet looks dapper at any event, be it a formal affair or a casual outing. With this ensemble, dressing up your pet becomes effortless, making it the ideal choice for every pet parent. Embrace the classic yet contemporary vibe of the Red Blue Plaid Tuxedo Bandana & Coat Set and order now to have your pampered pet looking as good as they well !


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