Neeli Leher Kurta

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1. Handmade with soft & rayon-cotton blend
2. Traditional design & vibrant colours
3. Hassle free wear with front velcro closure
4. Solid Blue band neck & loopi detailing
5. Custom size available on request

Neeli Leher Kurta

Our Neeli Leher Kurta is a masterpiece of pet fashion, designed to both captivate the eye and provide utmost comfort. The stunning Ombre design, transitioning from serene shades of blue to vibrant green, mirrors the tranquility of ocean waves and the beauty of nature. Dressing your pet is a hassle-free experience with the practical front Velcro closure, ensuring a secure fit without the fuss of buttons or zippers. The classic band neck and half sleeves, featuring solid blue detailing, offer both comfort and style


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