Blush Pink Lehenga dress

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  • Illusion of a Lehenga: Traditional lehenga look with the ease of a dress.
  • Backless Design: Adds that ethnic Lehenga Choli outfit charm.
  • Panelled Skirt: Beautifully detailed with gold and blush pink panelled fabric for an elegant look.
  • Chest Coverage Top: Ensures comfort and style, with a secure fit.
  • Velcro Closure: Quick and easy to put on and take off saving you time in particularly busy festivities.
  • Adjustable Chest Fit: Slightly adjustable around the chest for a perfect fit.
  • Luxurious Fabric: High-quality brocade for a head-turning appearance.

Blush Pink Lehenga dress

Introducing our Blush Pink Lehenga dress, a graceful blend of tradition and modern comfort, designed to adorn your pet with elegance on special occasions. Crafted with a blush pink pastel brocade, it artfully emulates the regal Lehenga appearance while ensuring the ease and comfort of a dress. This outfit showcases timeless charm, making it a perfect choice for cultural celebrations. The panelled shimmer skirt adds a radiant flair, and the flair sleeves, along with the backless detailing featuring doori straps, contribute to the overall grace of this ensemble. What sets it apart are the exquisite pearl embellishments on the back and sleeves, elevating your pet’s appearance to one of refined elegance. The Pearl Pastel Lehenga Dress is more than just pet attire; it’s a symbol of cultural opulence and style.


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