Multicolour Garland Lehenga dress

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  • Lehenga Illusion: Crafted to resemble a traditional lehenga with the convenience of a single-piece dress.
  • Chest Coverage: Ensures your pet’s comfort and security with quick and easy Velcro closure
  • Layered Skirt: Top skirt layer features the same vibrant Jaipuri print as the top, with a shorter length to reveal the magenta pink net layer underneath.
  • Net Skirt: Magenta pink net with a beautiful border adds a touch of elegance and flair while creating a stunning colour contrast
  • Backless Design: Creates the illusion of a two-piece lehenga while offering the ease of a dress.
  • Colorful Jaipuri Print: Features magenta pink lotuses with intricate yellow and orange detailing for a vibrant, festive look.

Multicolour Garland Lehenga dress

Introducing the stunning Multicolour Garland Lehenga dress, a perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern convenience for your beloved pet. Designed to create the illusion of a classic lehenga, this dress offers the ease and comfort of a single-piece outfit, ensuring your pet feels comfortable and stylish at all times.

The dress features a beautifully crafted top with a colourful Jaipuri print, showcasing vibrant hues of magenta pink lotuses with intricate yellow and orange detailing. This same exquisite fabric is used for the top layer of the skirt, ensuring a harmonious and elegant look. The top layer of the skirt is shorter than the net layer, allowing the magenta pink net with a delicate border to shine creating a beautiful colour contrast while adding a touch of grace.

The Multicolour Garland Lehenga dress is designed with a backless style, creating the perfect illusion of a two-piece lehenga while maintaining the convenience of a dress. The chest coverage ensures your pet’s comfort, while the secure fit keeps the dress in place during any festive occasion.


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