Wedding Tuxedo

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1. Skillfully handcrafted as one piece
2. Intricate detailing
3. Comes with removable boutonnière
4. Button closure

Wedding Tuxedo

Our Wedding Tuxedo is the epitome of canine elegance, designed to make your pet shine on that special day. This one-piece ensemble skillfully blends the classic elements of a navy blue coat and a pristine white shirt, creating the illusion of a traditional two-piece suit. Distinguished by its navy blue coat, this tuxedo exudes timeless charm and sophistication. What truly sets it apart is the attention to detail – a champagne-colored scarf pocket square detailing and a matching bowtie, elegantly attached to the shirt, elevate the ensemble to new heights of refinement. o complete the formal look, we’ve included a boutonnière, ensuring your pet exudes charm and charisma. Let your pet make a statement of style and grace. Order now to let your pet make an indelible impression at any wedding or formal occasion, radiating sophistication and charm with every step they take down the aisle.


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