Traditional Royalty Harness with frills



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  • Regal Design: Crafted with premium embroidered fabric adorned with shimmering gold sequins for a luxurious, traditional look.
  • Frill Detailing: Delicate frills add an extra touch of sophistication and elegance to the harness.
  • Matching Leash: Comes with a matching leash featuring the same intricate detailing, ensuring a coordinated and stylish appearance.
  • Adjustable Fit: Includes a matching belt for a secure and adjustable fit, providing comfort for your pet.
  • High-Quality Materials: Durable and comfortable, perfect for both festive occasions and everyday use.
  • Easy Leash Attachment: Equipped with a D-ring for quick and convenient leash attachment.

Traditional Royalty Harness with frills

Introducing the Traditional Royalty Harness with Frills, a stunningly elegant harness that combines traditional aesthetics with modern functionality for your furry friend. This exquisite harness is designed to make your dog stand out with its intricate detailing and luxurious appeal. Crafted using premium embroidered fabric adorned with gold sequins, this harness exudes a regal charm that is perfect for festive occasions or any special event.

The harness features a beautifully embroidered design, highlighted with shimmering gold sequins that create a majestic and eye-catching look. The addition of delicate frills adds a touch of sophistication and grace, making your pet look like true royalty. The matching leash, designed with the same meticulous detailing, completes the ensemble, ensuring your dog walks in style and comfort.

The harness comes with a matching belt that not only complements the overall design but also provides a secure and adjustable fit for your dog. The high-quality materials used in this harness ensure durability and comfort, making it ideal for both special occasions and regular outings. The easy-to-use D-ring allows for quick leash attachment, ensuring convenience for pet parents


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