BnW Polka Ruffles Harness



Please provide measurements as this is a Customised Product


1. Upgrade your walkies look instantly !
2. Customised just for your #coochipoopuppy the Ruffles harness is a fabulous look with pearl highlights in Pretty Pink Harnesa a must have for all fancy floofs!
3. Front closure with buckle around neck & over chest velcro grip (Buckle around chest is not recommended by cats)
4. Durable & comfortable with additional padding
5. Exclusively available for small breed pups (upto 10kgs) & felines only

BnW Polka Ruffles Harness

A super chic & fancy harness for your furry princess to look her mosr fabulous self on every walk! The handmade fit is a very detailed look very frills panels & a double frill skirt, easy buckle closure around neck & velcro grip around chest, secured with another buckle for better durability.


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