Pinstripe Tuxedo Coat

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Please provide measurements as this is a Customised Product


1. Select size based on chest measurement
2. Handmade using premium suit fabric
3. Classic design & vibrant colours
4. Intricate back detailing with an open chest front design for around the year wear
5. Adjustable Velcro closure

Pinstripe Tuxedo Coat

Dress your pet in timeless elegance with our Black Pinstripe Tuxedo Coat. This sophisticated coat boasts intricate detailing on the back, complete with a striking red bowtie and classic buttons, creating a harmonious blend of classic style and playful charm. Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, the open chest design ensures optimal breathability, catering to both cats and dogs. Plus, the adjustable chest strap guarantees a snug fit, accommodating pets of various sizes. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every stitch, making this coat a standout choice for formal occasions or stylish outings. Whether it’s a special event or a leisurely stroll in the park, your pet will effortlessly steal the spotlight in this Black Pinstripe Tuxedo Coat, radiating sophistication and flair. Make a lasting fashion statement and order this exquisite piece today.


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