Lilac & Tulle Dream Dress

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  • Elegant Design: Dainty lilac tone paired with white shimmer tulle for a whimsical and sophisticated look.
  • Layered Skirt: Two-layer skirt with a bottom lilac satin layer and a top white shimmer tulle layer for added volume and beauty.
  • Shimmer Tulle Top: Shimmer tulle draped over the top to create a sleeve-like effect.
  • Charming Bows: Adorned with a large lilac bow on the back and two small lilac bows on the shoulders.
  • Chest Coverage: Ensures your pet is comfortable and stylish with full chest coverage.
  • Easy to Wear: Quick and easy Velcro closure for hassle-free dressing.

Lilac & Tulle Dream Dress

Introducing the Lilac & Tulle Dream Dress, a gorgeous and dreamy outfit designed for your furry princess to enjoy summer in style. This enchanting dress showcases a dainty tone of lilac paired with white shimmer tulle, creating an elegant and whimsical look perfect for any occasion.

The beautiful skirt of the Lilac & Tulle Dream Dress features two exquisite layers. The bottom layer is crafted from luxurious lilac satin, while the top layer is a delicate white shimmer tulle that flows gracefully over it. This top layer is slightly longer, adding a touch of ethereal charm and making the dress truly stand out.

The top of the dress is adorned with shimmer tulle draped over it, creating a stunning sleeve-like effect. The outfit is completed with a large lilac oversized bow on the back and two small lilac bows on the shoulders, adding to the overall elegance and charm of the dress.

Designed with practicality in mind, the dress offers chest coverage and features a quick and easy Velcro closure, ensuring a hassle-free experience when dressing your pet.


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