Witch’s Skirt & Hat

From - 1,350


1. Handcrafted with premium net which will bounce while remaining soft on your pampered pet’s skin
2. Upto 3inches ajustable velcro closure
3. Choose between two super cute accessories to complete the attire
4. The perfect halloween shoots look or just for a night in watching horror movies!

Witch’s Skirt & Hat

The Witch’s Skirt is the quintessential Halloween costume for your furry friend, designed to add a touch of enchantment to Halloween festivities. This delightful ensemble features a two-tone skirt in striking shades of purple and black, complete with an elegant black waistband that perfectly captures the essence of a stylish witch’s attire. Adding a personalized touch to your pet’s bewitching look, you can choose between a bat-themed clip or a classic witch’s hat. Whichever accessory you select, your pet is guaranteed to captivate all with their charming Halloween transformation.


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