Flower Girl Dress

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Please provide measurements as this is a Customised Product


1. Strappy dress with pearl detailing
2. Oversized flower top detailing
3. Bouncy balloon skirt
4. Can be customised in many colours (on request)

Flower Girl Dress

Introducing our Flower Girl Dress, a whimsical and enchanting pet outfit that’s perfect for special occasions. Handcrafted using blush pink fabric adorned with an oversized tulle flower on top, adding an element of charm and grace. This dress features adouble-layered bouncy balloon skirt that not only exudes playfulness but also a sense of elegance. Whether your furry friend is accompanying you down the aisle or simply making a stylish statement, the Flower Girl Dress ensures they do so with flair and panache. Order now and let your pet blossom with style and enchantment on any memorable day.


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