Red Velvet Double Breasted Tuxedo Bandana

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• Quick & easy Velcro closure
• Upto 3 inches adjustable
• Made using premium materials, satin here
• Customisable size (on request)

Red Velvet Double Breasted Tuxedo Bandana

Who says only humans get to dress up in fancy tuxedos? Dress up your furry friend in our red velvet double-breasted design tuxedo bandana and let them steal the show! This dapper accessory is sure to make your pet the life of the party, with a tailored, sophisticated look that’s both playful and refined. Perfect for a night out on the town or for snuggling up with you on the couch, this bandana is the perfect way to add some extra charm and pizzazz to your pet’s wardrobe. Don’t let your pets be left out of the fashion game – let them unleash their inner fashionista with our tailored tuxedo bandana and watch as they become the most dashing and debonair pet around!


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